Pasture Cleaning with Paraquat and KEN-UP DRY

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KENSO Agcare has two class leading herbicides for pasture topping KEN-UP DRY 680 and PARAKEN 334 are latest generation herbicides combining high loading active ingredients and full surfactant packages to deliver strong, consistent, hassle free application when it comes to pasture topping.

Annual grasses including annual ryegrass, brome grass, barley grass and silver grass are major components of annual pastures in cereal/pasture rotation. Grass seed control with Glyphosate and Paraquat products such as KEN-UP DRY 680 or PARAKEN 334 will improve the grazing value of pasture and reduce the weed seed burden for next year’s crop. Grazing value is increased, as proteins in the plant are retained in the standing plant tissue rather than lost to the seed head. In addition, there will be a reduction in vegetable matter in wool samples as the grass seed numbers are reduced and seed awns are softer. With the onset of resistant grasses, pasture topping achieves valuable grass seed reduction for next year’s crops.

KEN-UP DRY 680 WG is the flagship glyphosate in Kenso Agcare’s portfolio. Superior granule technology with full surfactant loading means that KEN-UP DRY 680 WG is easy to use without the need for additional surfactants when pasture topping annual grasses such as ryegrass, barley grass and silver grass. It is also useful in the control of seed set in flowering capeweed. PARAKEN 334, the only high load paraquat with full surfactant loading on the market, is ideal when chasing seed reduction in mixed grass species but is very effective against barley grass. The beauty of PARAKEN 334 is the ability to increase the rate and hay freeze the pasture locking in protein in the standing dry feed. PARAKEN 334 is also very handy when trying to reduce erodium in pastures.

These high quality and unique products come as no surprise as Kenso Agcare recently celebrated 40 years in the crop protection industry. This experience coupled with the drive to offer real solutions for Australian growers is setting Kenso apart from its competitors who seemingly come and go each year. Kenso Agcare produces and distributes a wide range of quality crop protection products for the Australian market. Jason Pitts, Business & Product Development Manager for Kenso Agcare states, “we have a dedicated product development and quality control chemistry team which provides the capability to design robust product formulations for Australian conditions”. Kenso’s in-house formulation capabilities is what sets it apart from its competitors. “We are continually striving to develop new formulations with improved performance and handling characteristics from our very own facilities and team of chemists,” Mr Pitts said. “We offer a lot more than many of our competitors can when it comes to development, traceability and quality control,” he adds.

Kenso’s modern production facility in Port Klang – Malaysia is ISO 9001-2008 accredited and employs the latest batching and traceability systems ensuring piece of mind for both farmers and resellers. For more information visit or contact your local Kenso Agcare Representatives: John Mason – Southern WA Regional Manager – 0407 546 009 Steve Cameron – Northern WA/NT Regional Manager – 0412 140 188

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