NEW Granular knockdown from KENSO AGCARE

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Kenso Agcare continues to evolve and innovate. The addition of KOKAMBA to its large portfolio of around 150 product registrations is an example of ongoing innovation through alternate formulations, increased active ingredient loaded formulations, co-mix products and reduced packaging options.

KOKAMBA Knockdown Herbicide is a new granular combination product from Kenso Agcare.

Combining glyphosate & dicamba in a soluble granule, KOKAMBA offers increased killing power across a broader spectrum of weeds than glyphosate alone. KOKAMBA has more power to control broadleaf weeds such as Capeweed, Volunteer legumes, Hogweed, Sorrel, thistles and other cruciferous weeds.

Combining 541g/kg Glyphosate & 105g/kg Dicamba, KOKAMBA is ideal for pre-sowing knockdown application as it has short plant-back periods of 1-21 Days, compared to other glyphosate + spike applications. Plant-back periods for cereals are 1-7 Days, canola 7-10 Days & legumes 7-21 Days depending on rate applied.

KOKAMBA offers the convenience of an all-in-one granule, meaning no spilling of liquids and no mistakes when measuring spike herbicides. The convenient 15kg bag improves ease of use of the product while reducing packaging bulk and disposal requirements.

Steve Cameron, Kenso Agcare Regional Sales Manager Vic/Tas, says his customers have been really impressed with the performance of KOKAMBA. “I have customers and their farmers telling me they are really happy with the results seen when using KOKAMBA. They love the convenience of the combined granule.” Andrew McMahan – Agronomist Nutrien Ag Solutions Manangatang states, “we use quite a lot of dicamba over Summer for fallow spraying and we have been extremely happy with the results of KOKAMBA. It is a cost-effective option that allows growers to spray paddocks for a similar cost as buying bulk volumes, while only having to buy smaller pack sizes”.


Like its stable partner KEN-UP DRY 680, KOKAMBA utilises the mono-ammonium salt of glyphosate and shares performance characteristics like fast brownout and consistency of results in tough conditions.

KOKAMBA Features:

  • Convenient combination granule
  • Broad spectrum control
  • Controls harder to kill weeds
  • Fast Brownout
  • Consistent results
  • Short Plant-back times
  • 15 KG Bag, simply pour it into the sprayer
  • No drum muster

KOKAMBA is available in pallet configurations of 36 x 15kg. For more information contact your local Kenso Agcare representative at


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